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Geography of Romania

Romania is the largest country in southeastern Europe. River Danube goes along the southern border of the country and flows into the Black Sea. The Danube joins the River Prut at the Moldavian border The Danube flows into the Black Sea forming the Danube Delta, the largest delta in Europe, which is part of the World Heritage due to its flora and fauna. Besides the Danube, the Siret, the Olt, the Oltania, the Tida, the Mureş and the Someş are important rivers as well. Romania is a largely mountainous country due to the Carpathian Mountains that lies at the centre of the country. Contrast to the Carpathian Mountains the Bărăgan Plains is the flattest part of Romania.

Protected areas and national parks

Cheile Bicazului-Hăşmaş

Area: 65.75 km2
Counties: Harghita, Neamţ
Location: northeast Romania
The park is famous for Cheile Bicazului, a deep canyon dug by the Bicaz River, Lacu Roşu (the Red Lake), a natural dam lake and the Hăşmaş Mountains.
Further information: http://www.cheilebicazului-hasmas.ro/ro/index.php

Piatra Craiului Mountains

Area:148.00 km2
Counties: Argeş, Braşov
Location: Southern Carpathians
Its name means "The Rock of the King". The ridge is one of the most beautiful sights in the Carpathians with slopes and deep gorges.
Website: http://www.pcrai.ro/

Retezat National Park

Area: 380 km2
Counties: Hunedoara
Location: Carpathians
The national park was founded in 1935. It is famous for the Retezat Mountains with the highest peak Peleaga (2509m), 60 peaks and more than 100 crystal clear glacier lakes. As far as the fauna is concerned, wolves, brown bears, wild boars, wildcats, red dear as well as badger and otter can be found in the park.
Further information: www.retezat.ro


Area: 366.64 km2
Counties: Caraş-Severin
Location: Banat Mountains
Semenic is a national park and one of the best ski resorts in Romania. The season usually stretches up to April or even May and the quality and the quantity of the snow is the best in this resort.
Further information: http://semenic.online.ro/ 

Vânători Neamţ

Area: 308.13 km2
Counties: Neamţ County
Location: northeast Romania
The park is famous for the European bison which is very rare in Europe.
Further information: http://www.vanatoripark.ro/

Danube Delta

Area: 3446 km˛
Counties: Tulcea County of Romania and Odessa Oblast of Ukraine
Location: where the Danube flows into the Black Sea
It is the largest and best-preserved delta in Europe and part of the World Heritage.
The delta is the habitat of 300 species of birds and 45 freshwater fish species as well.
Further information: http://www.romaniatourism.com/delta.html

Ceahlău Massif

Area: 83.96 km˛
Counties: Neamţ County
Location: Eastern Carpathians
The national park is famous for its peaks Toaca (1907m) and Ocolaşul Mare (1904m) and its varied flora and fauna as well. You can enter the park at Izvorul Muntelui village. There are many legends around the mountains that are the reason why it is often called "The Romanian Olympus".
Further information: www.answers.com/topic/ceahl-u-massif

Măcin Mountains

Area: 113.21 km˛
Counties: Tulcea County, Dobrogea
Location: Northern Dobruja Massif
Măcin Mountains are one of the oldest mountains in Romania. The mountains are known for their peaks such as Ţuţuiatu (467m), Priopcea Hill (410 m), Muntele lui Iacob(341m).
Further information: www.muntiimacin.ro

Apuseni Mountains

Area: 757.84 km˛
Counties: Alba, Bihor, Cluj
Location: Transylvanian Western Carpathians
The mountains are known for the highest peak Cucurbăta Mare (1849m) and their caves.
Further information: www.ruraltourism.ro/apuseni/html/apusenien.html

Bucegi Mountains

Area: 326.63 km˛
Counties: Argeş, Braşov, Dâmboviţa, Prahova
Location: Southern Carpathians
The mountain range is known for its steep slope, its holiday destination Prahova Valley and its peak Omu Peak (2505 m).
Further information: www.aboutromania.com/bucegi00.html

Iron Gate

It is a gorge on the River Danube at the border of Romania and Serbia. The Iron Gate is 134km long and it separates the Carpathians from the Balkan Mountains.


Across Romania we can find more than 12,500 limestones, marble, dolomites, sandstone, conglomerates, salt caves. Veterani Cave in Almaj Mountains was first mentioned in 17th century and the first caves were prepared for tourism in 19-20th century, namely, Ialomita Cave in Bucegi Mountains, Meziad Cave in Padurea Craiului Mountains, Scarisoara Glacier in Bihor Mountains and Vadul Crisului Cave in Padurea Craiului Mountains. The longest cave is Vantului Cave in Padurea Craiului Mountains with its 50 km length. It is also worth visiting the largest underground waterfall that is situated in Gavanului Cave. Besides limestone and dolomites caves, a 3,234m long salt cave can be found at Manzalesti, in Buzau Mountains.

Cave of the Bears
It can be found in the Apuseni Mountains, Bihor County. Skeletal of bears and ancient human hearths were found in the cave.

Cave of the Woman
It is situated in the southern Carpathians.
Further information: http://alexisphoenix.org/romaniawomenscave.php

Izvorul Tausoarelor
It is the deepest cave in Romania and is located in the Rodna Mountains of the northern Carpathians, near Nasaud. It has unique falls and cavern fauna.

Topolnita Cave
It is one of the largest caves in the world, at 33,000 feet long. It lies in the Mehedinti tableland in the southern Carpathians near Drobeta-Turnu Severin.

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